Chef Nómade

Pablo Ranea: Nomad Chef

After 10 years of leading the kitchen at Azafran – one of the most well regarded restaurants in Mendoza, which he positioned with his personal seal into one of the best establishments in new Argentine cooking, Chef Pablo Ranea continues innovating and experimenting with new techniques in his work. The year has been 2016 dedicated exclusively to culinary explorations.

Traveling the world, collaborating in the kitchen’s of the most renowned chefs and heading events in big cities has been a constant the last two years. During these trips, as well as expanding his professional education, Pablo also coordinates presentations in other restaurants, runs cooking classes, participates in wine and food festivals and also leads talks about the nuances of Argentine gastronomy and its wines.

Motivated by a search for emotion in gastronomy, and chasing the liberty that allows him to create exchanges where he can investigate, examine learn and teach, Pablo chooses to form these “pop up tours” where he can combine different styles of work.

These encounters in turn generate new synergies and challenges that ultimately lead him to create dishes with new ingredients that are reflection of the cities he visits and food he encounters.

“In this world there are consultant chefs, resident chefs and nomad chefs. Also, these are those who combine different professional facets of their lives: this is what I am drawn to do” Declares Pablo Ranea.


It’s his restless and inquisitive spirit that takes him on this journey of discovery, of alchemy and knowledge.

Presently Pablo is incorporating a new side to his pursuits, developing his managerial and consultancy services for culinary businesses. Pablo lends his expertise and keen eye offering fresh perspectives and approaches to projects that aim to propel businesses into improving their kitchens, menus, wine lists and procedures.

As consultant, Pablo transforms and renews restaurants redesigning plating presentations. Standardizing recipes, diagramming costs and training staff.

With his unique vision Pablo looks to help create a unique culinary style that aims to convert the fusion of food into a cultural expression.

He is nomad chef, one that gets off one plane and hops onto another.

As soon as he comes back from a tour he already starts planning wherein the culinary map he will visit next.

Never forgetting his homeland, Mendoza, where he is also keeping busy planning an original project for the future – his immediate challenges are leading the executive management of the Saga Restaurant & Cigar Club based at the heart of the Dominican republic and Bodega Marale in San Juan Argentina.