The Story

The impact of wine on gastronomy is not lost on Pablo, who skillfully juggles design, balance, and textures.

He is always searching for the right pairing and he always shares his wine know-how in his cooking courses.

Every new destination is an opportunity to share his adventures, recipes and knowledge. Urban Kitchen in Lima, Peru; the International Culinary Center in California, and DeGustibus in New York — among other well-known establishments — have been home to Pablo’s workshops and classes to cooks, chefs, sommeliers, the press and the general public.

 During his courses, Pablo shares anecdotes from his travels, which inform the recipes, “behind every flavor, there’s an event to remember”.

Pablo’s engaging style of teaching sees him traveling with a suitcase packed with dulce de leche, black pudding, and quince jelly so that he can bring a little of his origins to you. He is at the vanguard of the New Argentinian Cuisine, a fusion of traditional recipes with a contemporary Latin American spirit.

The history and geography of every wine-producing country determines what lies inside a wine bottle, and Argentina is no exception. The burgeoning of the Argentinian wine industry has seen it earn its place among some of the best wines of the world. Great wines demand great food and the cookery courses offer a great opportunity to showcase the best of Argentinian wines.

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